Must visit locations for licensed divers

Wreck of Oreste

The submerged steamer Oreste is located near the beach gap and is about 3 nm from our center, or 10-15 minutes by boat. The original name of the ship was „Morbi“ and was built in 1896 in Stokton. The name „Oreste“ gets in 1926 when it passes into the hands of an Italian company. In World War II, on the morning of March 27, 1942, about 10 am, the boat Oreste was sunk when he sank on a mine in front of the Trsteno bay, not far from the Jaz beach near Budva. According to the available data, the vessel was supported about 12h on the same day. Today, the wreck of the Oreste ship lies at a depth of 32 meters. The bottom is sandy and due to damage from mine, the ship is halved and two parts of the ship are about 20 meters away from each other. As with most of these locations, the most common types of fish can be seen, which are found in the wreckage from the sea currents and fish predator. In the summer months, it often happens that the contours of the wreck are visible after 10 meters of depth. The temperature at the bottom, during the summer, is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. This location is accessible to divers with minimum Open Water Diver Certificate, Advance open water diver certificate or Deep Diver Certificate. Divers with Open Water Certificate at this location can only dive within the Adventure program. Visibility at this location is an average of 15 - 20 meters.


Wreck Fisheram boat

Wreck Fisherman boat is located in front of St. Stephen at a depth of 21 meters. The ship was submerged due to the stormy storm that had hit him upon returning with the open sea moorings. The ship s captain tried to sail behind St Stephen s island and save him from giant waves, but his effort was unsuccessful. Fortunately, the captain and crew members were saved by having managed to swim to the island and exit to the nearest rock. Despite the severe storm that sank the ship, the ship is virtually unstable and is in excellent condition. The length of the ship is 27 meters and the width is 6 meters. The boat is 10 minutes away by boat from our diving center. In this dive site, visibility is excellent and the natural area that can be seen before diving completes the impression of the unique satisfaction of all those who enjoy the unusual beauty of the country. This dive site is accessible to divers with a minimum OWD certificate.


Sweet cave

This position is located in Platamuni, an area which is about 30 minutes away from our diving center. They are characterized by wild beauty because of the inaccessibility and absence of any objects. Several wild beaches that can be reached by a small boat are the favorite excursion places for a small number of places in the surrounding towns. As the name itself says, inside the cave comes a mixture of sweet spring salt and salt water, which is why it is called Sweet cave. The entrance to the cave is at 15 meters deep, after which it enters inside it and rises 50 meters in the hills, until it enters a large gallery. From the entrance to the cave, the depth of the dive is decreasing. The great gallery with exceptional stalactites represents a unique experience for almost all divers who visited us with this site. The gallery itself is 30 meters high and the oval shape is about 50 meters wide. After leaving the cave, the dive continues along the ridge, and it can reach the depth of 30 meters, depending on the diving certificates of the clients. During the rupture it passes through the holes in the rock which are at a depth of 4 meters. Diving lamps are a necessary part of the equipment because there is no daylight inside the cave itself. This location is available to divers with a minimum Open Water Diver Certificate and at least 5 dives in open waters, inscribed in the loogbook.



An underwater island named Galiola is located behind the island of St. Nicholas. This underwater island is in the form of a pyramid and starts at a sea level and pyramidally drops up to 25 meters deep. At this location there are two vertical openings carved by natural forces in the rock, and the divers resemble chimneys. The first „chimney“ starts at 5 meters and ends at 15 meters depth, while the second „chimney“ starts at 9 meters and ends at 18 meters depth. The sufficient width of both chimneys allows for easy diving and unhindered passage. The rich flora and fauna on this site is something that makes clients re-visit because every new dive at this location brings a new encounter with octopuses, ravens, lobsters, crabs and murines as the most frequent inhabitants of this underwater island. The characteristic of this location is warm water and extremely good visibility in the summer months. Licensed divers at this location can dive up to 25 meters deep. To pass through these chimneys, the client must have at least an open water diver certificate.