Diving courses


Discovery scuba diving program (DSD)

This program is a unique opportunity to enjoy in the underwater world, although you do not have any previous dive skills and experience. At this one-day course, you will learn the most basic theoretical principles of diving, and during the two dives accompanied by instructors roll up to a depth of 11 meters. At the same time, this DSD program is also the first time on the OWD course. Ronchi in our center will receive a diploma with which you can continue your diving training in any PADI diving center in the world. The minimum age for this course is 10 years.
If you do not want or do not have time to do with us two dives and one theoretical time within the DSD program, we suggest you an INTRO dive that is identical as a dive from the DSD program and the only difference is that you do not receive a diploma after a dive.

Open water diver course

The first course you enter into the magical world of diving is the Open Water Diver Course. It consists of the development of theoretical knowledge, exercises in the pool or limited waters and diving in open waters. During the development of theoretical knowledge you will acquire basic theoretical knowledge in equipment, physics and physiology of diving, diving planning and knowledge of the underwater world. During the practical part of the course, you will develop exercises and skills that will enable you to dive safely after the completed course. From the material during the course you get an Open Water Diver Handbook and all the lessons that you teach suffer video. The minimum course duration is 3 days and maximum 5 days, depending on your available time. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an Open Water Diver license with which you can dive to 18 meters depth.

Conditions for joining the course

The minimum age is 10 years. From 10 to 14 years old, Junior Open Water sertifiakt is attained, while at the age of 14, the open water diver certificate is acquired.

Adventure and diving

The Adventur Diver Certificate is granted when you make three dives from the program adjective with Open water diver or a junior open water diver license. Diving belonging to the adventur program are deep, wreck, night dive cave, navigation, boat, dry suit, baking perfromance bouancy, nitrox ...

Conditions for joining the course

The minimum annual age is 10 years and the possession of Open water or Junior open water certificates.

Advance open watrer diver course (AOWD)

For this certificate you need to complete 5 adventure dives including deep diving and underwater navigation and to answer the questions of repetition from all 5 completed Adventur dives. The minimum age is 12 years. During the course you get an Advance open water handbook. After the completed course, the maximum depth of diving is 30 meters.

Rescue diver course

One of the most popular courses is the Rescue Diver Course. During the rescue course you are trained to save the diver and learn basic procedures regarding the efficient and safe rescue of the diver who needs help. The most important exercises you are learning are the removal of the tongue, the way to rescue a diver in panic, calming the panic diver, searching for the diver who is lost, helping a diver that has been left without air under water ...

Conditions for joining the course

The requirement to enter this course is to have a minimum of Advance open watrer or Junior Advanced open water certificate.

Dive master course

PADI DIVEMASTER is the first level of professional development. At this course, you will learn basic training skills, as well as the basic principles of successful assistance to the instructor during the course. At the end of this course, you will be trained to lead diver divers as a supervisor and assist instructors in courses. Theoretical and practical workshops that go through this course include:
- The role and significance of PADI divers,
- Monitoring diving activities and working with students to divers,
- Safety management and diving risks,
- Conducting various programs and courses as well as demonstration of diving skills,
- Realization of the ronial brifinaga ...

Conditions for joining the course

At least 18 years of age as well as possession:

- Emergency first response primary and secondary care (CRP and First aid) not older than 24 months,
- Medical certificate that is not older than 12 months,
- At least 40 dives enrolled in a dive book.