Budimir Rakojević - Instruktor CMAS, SSI


Budimir Rakojevic has been a diver since 1980. He is one of the founders of the diving club “Celik” (1.07.1980) which was later renamed and is now called Diving club “Niksic”. 

In 2006 he founded the diving club "Diving Team R Montenegro". The Alliance of Underwater Sports and Sport Fishing at Sea of SFRJ, based in Rijeka, presented him with the Diploma for dedicated work and contribution to the activity of the Alliance in 1983.  

He received the award for exceptional merit in humanitarian aid from WSA “Celik” in February 1985. He also received the award for humanitarian work and saving human lives and property on water at the assembly of the diving club "Niksic" in 2005. 

He was a member of the special diving unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro. He completed all Alpine courses and was a member of the Mountain Rescue Service. So far, he has participated in over 250 humanitarian rescue actions and searches for drowned people in the region. He speaks Russian.

Contact: rakojevic@t-com.me